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Vizgen is developing the next generation of genomics tools to expand on the capabilities of spatially resolved transcriptomics. Our technology will aide the acceleration of biological research and discovery to advance human health. Access supporting resources by selecting the category below.


High-Throughput, Image-Based Screening of Genetic Variant Libraries

George Emanuel, Jeffrey R. Moffitt & Xiaowei Zhuang
Nature Methods 14, 1159-1162 (2017)

We report a high-throughput screening method that allows diverse genotypes and corresponding phenotypes to be imaged in individual cells. We achieve genotyping by introducing barcoded genetic variants into cells as pooled libraries and reading the…

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High-Performance Multiplexed Fluorescence in situ Hybridization in Culture and Tissue with Matrix Imprinting and Clearing

Jeffrey R. Moffitt, Junjie Hao, Dhananjay Bambah-Mukku, Tian Lu, Catherine Dulac, and Xiaowei Zhuang
PNAS 113, 14456-14461 (2016)

Highly multiplexed single-molecule FISH has emerged as a promising approach to spatially resolved single-cell transcriptomics because of its ability to directly image and profile numerous RNA species in their native cellular context. However, background—from off-target…

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High-Throughput Single-Cell Gene-Expression Profiling with Multiplexed Error-Robust Fluorescence in situ Hybridization

Jeffrey R. Moffitt, Junjie Hao, Guiping Wang, Kok Hao Chen, Hazen P. Babcock, and Xiaowei Zhuang
PNAS 113, 11046-11051 (2016)

Image-based approaches to single-cell transcriptomics, in which RNA species are identified and counted in situ via imaging, have emerged as a powerful complement to single-cell methods based on RNA sequencing of dissociated cells. These image-based…

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Spatially resolved, highly multiplexed RNA profiling in single cells

Kok Hao Chen, Alistair N. Boettiger, Jeffrey R. Moffitt, Siyuan Wang, Xiaowei Zhuang
Science 348, aaa6090 (2015)

Knowledge of the expression profile and spatial landscape of the transcriptome in individual cells is essential for understanding the rich repertoire of cellular behaviors. Here, we report multiplexed error-robust fluorescence in situ hybridization (MERFISH), a…

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