Application Areas

MERFISH is a game-changing technology in single-cell genomics and has broad applications in both fundamental biology and medicine, ranging from basic science, to drug discovery, to clinical pathology. Given its ability to quantify RNAs across a wide range of abundances while preserving native context, MERFISH enables many applications of in situ transcriptomic analyses of individual cells in culture or complex tissues.




Infectious Disease

Development Biology & Regenerative Medicine

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Spatially profile gene expression across whole tissues

Vizgen’s imaging platform reveals the distribution of transcriptome-wide gene expression across tissues slices. With unprecedented accuracy, our measurement enables unique insight into the molecular composition of complex biological systems.

Resolve individual transcripts with nanometer-scale resolution

Every Vizgen measurement resolves the position of each detected transcript with sub-micron accuracy, providing access to the intracellular organization of the transcriptome within every cell. Critically, these measurements are available for every cell across centimeter-scale tissue samples.

Discover and Map Novel Cell Types and States

Vizgen measurements produce single-cell expression profiles that can be used to define cell types and states. The identify of every cell can be mapped back to the spatial coordinates within tissue samples, providing a detailed map of the organization of the tissue and precisely defining the cellular microenvironment experienced by every cell in the sample.