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Pioneering the Future of Human Health with Spatial Genomics

At Vizgen, we’re at the forefront of spatial genomics, revolutionizing our understanding of biological systems. Our cutting-edge technology reveals genetic patterns in unprecedented detail, directly enhancing your ability to explore the connections between health and disease. With our user-friendly spatial imaging platform, you gain access to transformative insights, decoding the complexities of cellular behavior to pioneer advancements in human health.


Award Winning Innovation in Biotech

Vizgen was honored as “Overall BioTech Company of the Year” by the BioTech Breakthrough Awards program. This distinction, from a leading independent market intelligence organization, recognizes Vizgen’s standout contributions to life sciences and biotechnology on a global scale.


MERSCOPE Platforms are installed globally


MERFISH Technology peer-reviewed and publications and pre-prints.


MERSCOPE Platform peer-reviewed and publications and pre-prints.


We are dedicated to empowering researchers with superior spatial biology tools, driving groundbreaking discoveries that enhance human health and well-being.


Envisioning a future where every disease is precisely mapped, we believe in charting clear paths to cures, transforming the landscape of medical research and therapy.


Our History

Founded in 2019 with the ambitious goal of revolutionizing biological research and enhancing human health through spatial genomics, we have swiftly emerged as a leader in the field. By developing and commercializing the MERFISH technology, an advanced method licensed exclusively from Harvard University, we have enabled precise molecular and cellular mapping within biological systems, preserving vital spatial relationships critical for understanding tissue organization in health and disease. In just a few years, we have assembled a global team of over 150 experts and earned prestigious accolades, including the 2022 BioTech Breakthrough Award for Overall Biotech Company of the Year.

Our Facilities

Our facilities reflect Vizgen’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of spatial genomics. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and designed to foster collaboration, our spaces are the breeding ground for groundbreaking research and development. Here, our dedicated team works in an environment that not only champions advanced scientific exploration but also promotes a culture of shared knowledge and discovery.


Using MERFISH technology, researchers at the Allen Institute were able to gather cellular-resolution spatial transcriptomic data that advanced us significantly closer toward our goal of creating a taxonomy of cell types and a description of their connectivity within brain circuits – laying the groundwork to one day understanding how brain circuits function. In the hands of the research community, I believe that MERSCOPE will be a powerful tool for standardizing the way we characterize different cell types, not just in the brain, but also in the rest of the body, ultimately bringing a deeper level of understanding to all life science research .”

Hongkui Zeng, Ph.D.

Executive VP & Director of the Allen Institute for Brain Science


“MERSCOPE is a game changer- it’s a giant leap from customer-built microscopes that only work in a few labs to a system that’s broadly adaptable. It’s really transformative because it allows molecular labs without experience with optics to use the system and generate high quality data.”


Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Member, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

Our Culture

Fueled by passion, motivation, and a pioneering spirit, we strive to redefine the boundaries of spatial genomics. United by the excitement of introducing groundbreaking technology to the market, our team is dedicated to innovation in the field, embodying a commitment to both scientific advancement and transformative health solutions.

We’re not just working; we’re making history together. Our collaborative environment encourages innovation and supports each individual’s contributions towards our collective goals, ensuring that every day is a step forward in enhancing human health through scientific discovery.

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