Explore new dimensions with MERSCOPE™, the first high multiplexing, high resolution in situ platform to combine single-cell and spatial genomics analysis powered by MERFISH technology.

Vizgen’s MERSCOPE Instrument, from 3 angles. The instrument is a combination of the MERSCOPE Imaging Box MERSCOPE Control Box, and a touchscreen monitor.

A Complete Spatial Genomics Solution

We integrated MERFISH technology with high resolution imaging, fluidics, image processing, and automation to deliver a complete end-to-end spatial genomics solution. The MERSCOPE Platform comes with everything your lab needs to get running. We built our expertise into every component of the system so you can easily obtain and analyze high quality MERFISH measurements.

The MERISCOPE Platform is comprised of:

  • MERSCOPE Instrument & Analysis Computer
  • Intuitive Software
  • MERSCOPE Reagents & Consumables
MERSCOPE Flow Chamber (top) and MERSCOPE Imaging Cartridge (bottom). Both components get inserted into the MERSCOPE Imaging box for each MERFISH experiment.

Profile Large Tissue with Subcellular Resolution

Through combinatorial labeling, sequential imaging, and error-robust barcoding, MERFISH technology provides the highest detection efficiency and resolution available for spatially profiling the transcriptome, from whole tissue section to single-cell and finally sub-cellular imaging across the whole tissue. We are proud to offer a data access program to provide researchers with early access to MERSCOPE-generated data.

spatially resolved transcriptome of a mouse brain slice generated by MERSCOPE. Whole tissue resolution (left). Single-Cell view (center). Sub-celluar resolution at (right).

MERSCOPE Instrument

MERSCOPE uses MERFISH technology to directly map and quantify the spatial distribution of hundreds to tens of thousands of RNA species in individual cells, without the need for downstream sequencing. The instrument is comprised of an imaging box and a processing computer.

MERSCOPE instrument and screen

High Sensitivity

Detect low expressing genes that can be missed using other technologies.

High Spatial Resolution

Localize RNA transcripts at a subcellular level with ≤100 nm resolution.

Multiplexing Power

High multiplexing with custom gene panel design. Current chemistry up to 500 genes.


Measure your specified genes on many sample or tissue types.

Ease of Use

Intuitive automation and complete reagent packs allow for a walk-away system.


Vizgen Gene Panel Design Portal

The Vizgen Gene Panel Portal is a user-friendly web-based application for building custom gene panels to run on the MERSCOPE™ Platform. With the Portal you can customize your gene panels with real-time feedback about which genes are most suitable for a MERFISH measurement. The Portal guides you through each step, making the entire process simple and easy.

From the Portal you can:

  • Build custom MERFISH gene panels
  • Request quotes for gene panels, reagents, and consumables
  • Download a panel’s Codebook
  • Access previously designed panels and quotes
Configure Panel
Specify Genes
Refine Selection
Request Quote

MERSCOPE™ Vizualizer Software

The MERSCOPE™ Vizualizer software enables users to interact, analyze, and interpret even the most complex datasets generated by a MERFISH experiment. Our intuitive software seamlessly combines spatial context at the single-cell level to assist researchers with gaining valuable biological insights. With the tool, you can easily visualize MERFISH data including:

  • Imaged cells
  • Detected transcripts
  • Heat map- 2D cells-genes table
  • Scatterplot-displays dimensionality reduced cells and cell clusters​
  • Generate high-resolution images
laptop open with MERSCOPE Vizualizer Software displaying spatial location of the detected RNA transcripts from the MERFISH Mouse Brain Receptor Map dataset.

MERSCOPE Reagents & Consumables

Vizgen manufactures a variety of reagents and consumables needed to run MERFISH measurements with the MERSCOPE™ Platform:
Product Description
MERSCOPE Slides Sample slides for MERSCOPE instrument that are functionalized for tissue samples to enable Vizgen sample preparation protocols.
MERSCOPE Gene Panels Custom gene panels comprised of encoding probes targeting. Currently available in three sizes; up 140 genes, up to 300 genes and up to 500 genes.
MERSCOPE Gene Imaging Kits Imaging reagent kits containing the reagents and cartridge for running a measurement on the MERSCOPE platform. Currently available in three sizes; up 140 genes, up to 300 genes and up to 500 genes.
MERSCOPE Cell Boundary Staining Kit Kit containing a 3-protein staining reagent for cell segmentation in dense tissues. Compatible with Human and Mouse samples.
MERSCOPE Sample Prep Kit Kit containing sample preparation reagents. Compatible with fixed, fresh frozen tissue and cultured cells.
MERSCOPE Sample Verification Kit Kit containing smFISH probes and imaging reagents to do a single imaging run. Currently available for human and mouse.

MERSCOPE Frequently Asked Questions

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