Vizgen at AGBT 2023

At this year’s annual Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) General Meeting in Hollywood, Florida, leaders in next-generation sequencing and spatial genomics met to discuss the most up-to-date scientific advances in the field and companies announced their latest innovations and technological breakthroughs.

Spatial profiling continued to be the dominant theme of the conference – which was echoed in this survey conducted by DeciBio asking attendees what they would remember most from AGBT 2023. The spatial field is at the top of this list, and we were pleased to see that attendees regarded Vizgen as the leader in data quality.


Poster presentations

Vizgen was proud to present three posters at AGBT this year, all showcasing the industry-leading capabilities of the MERSCOPE® Platform system.

Our first poster – presented by Vizgen’s Scientific Co-founder and Senior Director of Technology & Partnerships George Emanuel, Ph.D. – covers the new formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) kits that Vizgen launched in December 2022. The data compares the new sample preparation kit protocol with the classic fresh frozen sample protocol and shows that the MERSCOPE FFPE kit not only maintains the same high accuracy and sensitivity but also has superior data quality versus other spatial genomics platforms. Because FFPE sample preparation is the standard practice for most pathology labs across the country, our new FFPE kit allows researchers to tap into the vast historical library of patient samples. Download Dr. Emanuel’s AGBT 2023 poster here.

Renchao Chen, Ph.D. an Applications Scientist at Vizgen, also presented data generated using the MERSCOPE 500 plex neurobiology panel for single-cell profiling. Analyzing over two million cells with precise gene expression and spatial information, the Vizgen team created the most comprehensive cellular atlas of the mouse brain, describing the neuronal diversity underlying anatomical and functional structures. Dr. Chen’s poster is available to download here.

Renchao Chen, Ph.D., applications scientist at Vizgen stands with his poster titled, “Analyzing the molecular basis underlying anatomic and functional complexity of the mouse brain with MERSCOPE” during his presentation at AGBT 2023.

Last but not certainly not least, the poster presented by Leiam Colbert, Ph.D., Product Applications Manager at Vizgen, showcased the 500-gene pan-cancer MERFISH panel’s ability to characterize tumor heterogeneity in human tissue samples. The team was able to create detailed, three-dimensional maps with sufficient resolution to detect morphological features specific to different tissue types and identified 3 major canonical drivers of hepatocellular carcinoma. This demonstrates the power of the MERSCOPE Platform to generate individualized, accurate cell atlases from patient-derived tumors. Download Dr. Colbert’s poster from our website.


MERSCOPE in action

AGBT is not just about presenting great data though, and Vizgen was lucky enough to have our own private suite overlooking the ocean where we had a fully functional MERSCOPE instrument set up for demos. With the conference bringing together so many brilliant minds in a relaxed setting, the Vizgen team was able to engage with all kinds of interested parties looking to leverage the power of MERFISH technology in their labs.

MERFY the MERFISH sits with the MERSCOPE Platform overlooking the beautiful southeastern Floridian coast. MERSCOPE is the first all-in-one high multiplexing, high resolution in situ platform to combine single-cell and spatial genomics analysis powered by MERFISH technology.

Members from the DeciBio team enjoying the scenery in the Vizgen suite while they learn about MERSCOPE at AGBT.


Looking ahead to 2023

Overall, AGBT 2023 was a successful conference and a memorable experience. We were able to highlight Vizgen’s impressive growth over the past year since our commercial launch of MERSCOPE as the first-ever single-cell, high-plex spatial genomics platform in the world. With our new capabilities, our push into multiomics and a host of upcoming features – such as the new 1000 plex gene panel – Vizgen is well established to continue as a leader in the spatial genomic field in 2023 and beyond.

Sun rises over the beach at the Diplomat Resort in Hollywood, Florida  on the final day of AGBT 2023.