Vizgen Announces $85.2 Million Series C Financing

Proceeds to accelerate standardization of single-cell spatial genomics research through broader adoption of Vizgen’s MERSCOPE™ Platform

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. June 3, 2022— Vizgen, the life science company dedicated to improving human health by visualizing single-cell spatial genomics information, today announced the closing of $85.2 million Series C financing. The financing was led by Blue Water Life Science Advisors and ARCH Venture Partners. Also participating in the round were new and existing investors Sofina, Northpond Ventures, Tao Capital Partners, Novalis LifeSciences, David Walt, and others.

“Single-cell spatial genomics is a true game-changer in how we are able to understand complex biological systems and it is incredibly gratifying to see how the research community is embracing our ground-breaking MERSCOPE platform for unparalleled genomics insights, accelerating biological research and discovery,” said Terry Lo, President and CEO of Vizgen. “Today’s financing news is a testament to the power and potential of Vizgen’s industry leading spatial genomics technology and we are still only at the cusp of what we can provide our customers in our quest to improve human health.”

“Vizgen is a visionary in spatial genomics and the demand for their technology has been immediate. They continue to lead the way in making spatial genomics a reality, providing scientists with an unprecedented view into biological systems. We are proud to play a role in Vizgen’s continued growth,” said Nate Cornell, Managing Member of Blue Water Life Sciences.

Vizgen announced broad U.S. availability of its MERSCOPE Platform in January 2022. MERSCOPE is based on the MERFISH technology developed in the laboratory of Dr. Xiaowei Zhuang, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, and the David B. Arnold, Jr. Professor of Science at Harvard University. By utilizing MERFISH’s unprecedented capability for detection efficiency and resolution, MERSCOPE is the only widely available commercial solution for high-plex single-cell spatial genomics.

About Vizgen

Vizgen is dedicated to pioneering the next generation of genomics, providing tools that demonstrate the possibilities of in situ single-cell spatial genomics, setting the standard for the spatial genomics field. These tools are enabling researchers to gain new insight into the biological systems that govern human health and disease with spatial context. The company’s MERSCOPE® Platform enables massively multiplexed, genome-scale nucleic acid imaging with high accuracy and unrivaled detection efficiency at subcellular resolution. MERSCOPE provides transformative insight into a wide range of tissue-scale basic research and translational medicine in oncology, immunology, neuroscience, infectious disease, developmental biology, cell and gene therapy, and is an essential tool for accelerating drug discovery and development. For more information, go to www.vizgen.com. For more information, go to www.vizgen.com. Connect on social media Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.




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