Top 10 Spatial Biology Companies of 2023- GEN

Revenues, and capital, keep growing for the field’s largest public and private businesses (plus eight up-and-comers)

GEN published an updated spatial biology A-List last year, and is pleased to update that list again here. One interesting trend: Revenues for the top five spatial biology companies are climbing. Between 2021 and 2022, total revenue for those companies rose just 3% over 2021, from $3.239 billion to $3.347 billion. Over the first half of this year, however, revenues for those top five public companies soared 17% from a year earlier, from $1.556 billion to $1.826 billion.

Top Private Companies


1. Vizgen

Total Capital Raised: $136.2 million

The developer of the MERSCOPE® platform also named two winners of its first-ever MERSCOPE Platform Grants, designed to fund cancer research proposals deemed most innovative and impactful. In July, Vizgen celebrated the installation of its 100th MERSCOPE instrument at Baylor College of Medicine’s Single Cell Genomics Core led by Rui Chen, PhD. Vizgen completed its most recent financing last year, an $85.2 million Series C round led by Blue Water Life Science Advisors and ARCH Venture Partners.