Protein Co-Detection with MERSCOPE


Spatially resolved transcriptomic imaging technologies such as Vizgen’s MERSCOPE TM platform allows massively multiplexed single-cell measurement in situ and have been instrumental for molecular and cell atlasing. However, cell types and states are not only affected by the transcriptome, but also by the proteome. A tool to analyze the transcriptome and proteome simultaneously is urgently needed to better understand the complexity of biological systems. Here we introduce a workflow to perform protein co-staining with MERFISH measurement on the MERSCOPE platform. Using Vizgen’s MERSCOPE Protein Stain Kits, researchers can now detect up to 6 proteins simultaneously with hundreds to thousands of RNA species. This application note describes the protein co-staining workflow and demonstrates how to use the MERSCOPE Protein Stain Kits to perform multiplexed protein and RNA imaging.