OMAPiX Announces Strategic Partnerships with Leading Spatial Biology Platform Providers to Accelerate Life Science Research and Drug Development

Agreements with Vizgen, Resolve Biosciences, and Ultivue expand end-to-end, large-scale, deep molecular profiling and custom data analytics services offering 


LEUVEN, Belgium June 26, 2023 – OMAPiX, a leading provider of spatial omics services and custom data analytics, today announced strategic partnerships with Vizgen®, Inc., Resolve Biosciences, and Ultivue, Inc. As part of the agreements, OMAPiX scientists will use Vizgen’s MERSCOPE® Platform technology, Resolve Biosciences’ Molecular Cartography™ technology, and Ultivue’s InSituPlex® and UltiStacker® technologies to provide customers with standardized, reliable, high-quality spatial transcriptomic and proteomic data and unique insights to accelerate drug development and life science research.

Formerly known as the European Spatial Biology Center, OMAPiX offers a full suite of customized spatial transcriptomic and proteomic data services for large-scale pharmaceutical and academic research projects. Its state-of-the-art laboratory in Leuven is equipped with multiple spatial biology technology platforms that are used to visualize and quantify hundreds of genes or proteins in individual cells. The company will also be opening a similar facility in the US later this year. The deep molecular profiling services are designed to map gene expression across a tissue sample, analyze the localization of transcripts across cell types, and measure cell activities and cell-to-cell interactions to aid in the discovery of new biomarkers and therapeutic targets.

“Vizgen is proud to have our MERSCOPE Platform spatial transcriptomics technology included as part of the OMAPiX suite of service offerings,” said Terry Lo, CEO at Vizgen. “The OMAPiX team has deep expertise in the many nuances of spatial biology. We believe this will further support OMAPiX customers in receiving the highest-quality data to accelerate their discovery and clinical projects.”

“Resolve Biosciences is excited to partner with OMAPiX as we look to increase access to our Molecular Cartography platform for expansion in the applied markets and drug development segments,” said John Stark, CEO at Resolve Biosciences. “Our collective efforts will enable the translational research and drug development communities to apply spatially resolved, high-dimensional, multi-omic analysis to their studies at scale, especially those involving immune response. These new capabilities will ultimately empower researchers with an improved understanding of the molecular causes of disease and deeper insights into associated treatments.”

“Ultivue is very pleased to support the OMAPiX team as it strives toward its important mission of expanding access to spatial biology tools to scientists around the world,” said Rob Carson, CEO at Ultivue. “Our InSituPlex assays and digital pathology offerings such as UltiStacker enable whole-slide spatial phenotyping for clinical biomarker development, complementing other OMAPiX offerings.”

Since each project has its own set of requirements and each platform has its own unique set of advantages, the OMAPiX team works closely with customers to identify the best technologies and data analysis solutions for each preclinical or clinical program. For all projects, the company’s end-to-end workflow includes scientific and technological consultancy, study design, sample preparation, sample processing, and custom data analysis.

“We are thrilled to announce these strategic partnerships with Vizgen, Resolve Biosciences, and Ultivue as part of our ongoing commitment to expand our spatial biology services portfolio for both transcriptomics and proteomics studies in Europe and North America,” said Nachiket Kashikar, PhD, CEO of OMAPiX. “Helping scientists conduct more of these large-scale spatial transcriptomic studies in a timely and cost-effective manner addresses a huge unmet market need today and will power the next wave of advances in precision medicine.”

OMAPiX plans to announce additional strategic spatial biology collaborations and data programs later this year. For more information on the OMAPiX deep molecular profiling services, please visit www.OMAPiX.com.

About OMAPiX

Founded in 2021, OMAPiX is a leading provider of end-to-end spatial omics services and custom data analytics for large-scale pharmaceutical and academic research projects. The company’s state-of-the-art laboratory in Leuven, Belgium, features the cutting-edge spatial biology platforms required for deep molecular profiling with the scientific expertise needed to select the right technologies for each project. Customers can rapidly visualize and quantify individual RNA transcripts and rare protein signal data to help advance their understanding of disease progression and therapeutic response related to oncology, neurological disorders, rare diseases, and other complex conditions. For more information, please visit www.OMAPiX.com.

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