Introducing Vizgen’s Human FFPE Immuno-oncology Data Release and Product Roadmap Plans

Introducing Vizgen’s Human FFPE Immuno-oncology Data Release and Product Roadmap Plans

We kicked off the annual AGBT meeting in true Vizgen style – with the release of our new product roadmap and an accompanying data release. Last year at AGBT, we launched MERSCOPE™, the industry’s first solution to combine single-cell and spatial transcriptomics into one turnkey system, and the only commercial platform solution for MERFISH technology. It is only fitting we reveal some of the exciting updates we announced for release later this year, including the third and largest installment of our MERSCOPE Data Release Program, and updates on our product roadmap including our Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) Sample Preparation Solution for MERSCOPE.

What does Vizgen’s product roadmap look like for 2H 2022?

  • Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) Sample Preparation Solution enabling MERFISH measurements on FFPE tissue samples, one of the most common sample types, particularly within oncology. Preliminary data using this kit is demonstrated in our FFPE Immuno-oncology
  • Protein co-detection kits for the simultaneous detection of RNA and proteins during a standard MERFISH experiment, enabling true multi-omics measurements.
  • 1,000 Plex Gene Panels for the detection of up to 1,000 gene targets within a single MERFISH experiment, resulting in higher gene target coverage which is crucial when performing initial discovery experiments.

In addition to these reagent products on the roadmap, the software team has been developing expanded spatial analysis tools including a web-based analysis and visualization tool, as well as a new cell segmentation technique to be integrated into the MERSCOPE instrument software.

What is the significance of the MERSCOPE FFPE Immuno-oncology Dataset?  

Demonstrating the impressive capabilities of our MERSCOPE Platform and new FFPE Sample Preparation Solution, this public cancer dataset is the largest of its kind for spatial genomics. Vizgen’s new data release contains the MERFISH measurements of 8 different FFPE human tumor sample types including colon, liver, melanoma, ovarian, prostate, lung, breast, and uterine.

Detecting 4 billion transcripts from 500 genes, and 9 million cells across 16 total human cancer samples, this dataset is the largest single-cell spatial transcriptomics dataset currently available to the public.

Vizgen’s MERFISH FFPE Human Immuno-oncology dataset enables researchers to explore:

  • True cell atlassing in dense tissue
  • A map of the spatial location of different cell types across multiple FFPE human cancer samples
  • Spatial analysis of select genes
  • Characterization of immune cell types in the tumor microenvironment

The full dataset is available to our Data Release Program participants for use in any way and is available for download here:  https://info.vizgen.com/merscope-ffpe-solution.

History of Vizgen’s Data Release Program

The FFPE Immuno-oncology data release joins two previous datasets from Vizgen in the MERSCOPE Data Release Program. The first dataset which was unveiled in May 2021, contains transcript and cell data of a Mouse Brain Receptor Map, showcasing MERFISH technology and availing researchers to an invaluable understanding of biological systems. The second installment in this open-access data release series was the MERFISH Mouse Liver Map dataset which was debuted in January 2022 and includes an interactive web-based data visualization platform and shows the exact positioning from a panel of 347 genes’ transcripts.