Court Allows Vizgen to Expand Antitrust Allegations Against 10x in Countersuit, Delays Trial

NEW YORK – A US federal judge has allowed Vizgen to expand the antitrust allegations in its countersuit against 10x Genomics, which is part of a patent infringement dispute between the firms.

In an April 26 order, Judge Matthew Kennelly of the US District Court for the District of Delaware granted Vizgen’s request to update its lawsuit based on new evidence uncovered during discovery.

“Included in the new allegations are anticompetitive activities including unlawful bundling of 10x Genomics’ existing Chromium and Visium franchise with its Xenium product, and predatory pricing,” Vizgen said in a statement. “These new allegations bolster Vizgen’s existing antitrust counterclaims against both 10x and Harvard University, accusing them of conspiring to monopolize the market and obstructing Vizgen’s ability to compete globally.”